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Councillor riled over removal of Oriwa Kemp's baby

A Rotorua councillor is speaking out against the removal of a third child from Oriwa Kemp, who was convicted of abusing Nia Glassie in 2007. Merepeka Raukawa-Tait is questioning whether there were processes put in place to look at ways of supporting Kemp through motherhood.

How to Make a Film with Oriwa

Over the next 6 weeks, we'll be giving YOU the inside scoop on how to make your own films and digital content! The first of our series is "How To Make A Film" with Oriwa Hakaraia!

Oriwa is an expert on story structure and what makes a great film.

Find out more: https://maorilandfilm.co.nz/etw-film-challenge/

#etuwhanau #indigenousfilm

Support Oriwa Hakaraia to make Ruarangi

Ruarangi is a supernatural thriller feature film set in England at the turn of the 20th Century. Ruarangi follows the story of a Māori man whose traditional healing abilities are requested to assist a dying English Lord. Although Ruarangi is many miles away from his whenua, he might be closer to home than he knows.

Written and directed by rangatahi filmmaker Oriwa Hakaraia (17 years), Ruarangi will be Aotearoa’s first rangatahi feature film.

I need your help to bring Ruarangi to life.

Ruarangi is on its way - we have a beat sheet and script - and now I need to make a proof of concept. A short film I can show to big funders to prove my story and get the pūtea to make Aotearoa’s first rangatahi feature film.

Through NPIP I already have partial funding from Māoriland and the NZ Film Commission to make this proof of concept - but I need to raise more pūtea to help us make this happen. With your help I’ll be able to hire camera gear and professional crew to support us to bring Ruarangi to life. In the process, our rangatahi will receive mentorship from the pros so that we can upskill and grow our own expertise.

Why this story is important -

Ruarangi came to me from my ancestors in a dream. Without giving away any twists or turns - his story offers a glimpse of our shared history - pākehā and Māori - that is rarely represented on screen. Amidst a backdrop of colonial warfare and cultural suppression, Ruarangi is strong in his identity - using his matauranga Māori for good while exploring the world.

Ruarangi is an epic - it’s stylistically inspired by my favourite films Get Out, The Haunting of Hill House and River Queen and is informed by the knowledge instilled in me by my whānau and kura - Te Kura ā Iwi o Whakatupuranga Rua Mano.

By making Ruarangi I want to abolish the stereotype that young people can’t take on big projects like this and that young people shouldn’t have to wait till they’re older to tell their stories. The world needs young voices and young stories now.

I hope that by making Ruarangi I can impact the lives of people throughout the world, and open their eyes to the world of Indigenous storytelling.





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