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ၗ တြံေဍာင္ဓရ္ ၗ စုိတ္ျပဲကုႝတသုိက္ ကုႝဗၜးဒဒုိက္ ၗ တၜဂုဏ္အၥာသ႘လာစာရ

ဍောင်ဓရ်- "စိုတ်ပြဲကဵုတသိုက် ကဵုဗၠးဒဒိုက်" (25/01/2020)

NEW Ethereum Price Prediction for 2021

My updated Ethereum price prediction for 2021 plus the biggest ETH news of the week!

What is one of the biggest factors that determines price? Answer: Supply and demand.

A decrease in the supply of an item will generally cause the the price to increase. And an increase in demand, all things being equal, will also cause the price to increase.

But it’s when you have a double whammy, of decreasing supply and increasing demand, where you set the stage for an Ethereum price explosion!

In this video we will be looking at:
0:00 - Intro
1:23 - 3 Big Supply Factors
3:48 - 3 Big Demand Factors
6:12 - Ethereum News of the Week
8:32 - Ethereum Price Prediction
10:16 - Summary

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