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General Printer Error fix on HP Officejet 6500A and 6500 Printer

HP printers often give an error code which is different everytime. For example it can be same issue, but can have an error code 0x60000xxxxxx and so on and would change everytime you hit ok. In any case, first try to check if there is a piece of paper or a small object inside the printer, then try removing printhead and see if it clears the error and asks you for the printhead. Clean printhead contacts if that was the problem. In this video. The gear went bad and I replaced it. The purge unit would not move since the gear broke. Check it out. It should be an easy fix.
Gear part number: CB057-CG01
UPC: 796930232115

How to replace timing strip:

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Hp Officejet 6500a - HOW TO CLEAN PRINTHEAD⬇️Link In Description⬇️

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